231 Adamic Hill Road
Milford, NJ 08848

Song Title: Charlie Brown's - It's Christmas Time!

Welcome to our Christmas Tree Farm....

We sell only premium grade Christmas Trees & Wreaths, the finest available.

Charlie Brown's Gang is happy to be able to serve you by helping to make your annual visit to our tree farm a memorable one. Here you can personally select and cut your own perfect Christmas tree. The magnificent scenery is worth the trip by itself. The perfect tree is a bonus your family and friends will enjoy for many weeks.

We have provided many wholesale trees over the years, which reach outlying areas allowing many additional families to enjoy our beautiful and fresh-cut trees.  We have currently out-sold our growing stock and are servicing only choose and cut customers.

 As the Good Lord catches up to your demands we will once again have wholesale trees available.  At the same time we will once again investigate the possibility of on-line service.