Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree farm currently has 85,000 Douglas Fir trees ranging up to 20 feet in height. The decision to plant all one species required considering many aspects, all centered on providing you, our customers, with the very best in Christmas Trees regarding shape and quality. Crucial to that decision was this tree’s ability to support and display ornaments of many shapes and sizes as well as providing long needle retention with only minimal care once placed in your home.

Other considerations were affinity of various species to the diseases or insects, which are common to other species. In many cases, a disease nurtured without harm on one species will infect another species with disastrous results.

The Douglas Fir is not a true fir. It is native to our west, from central California, western Oregon and Washington, parts of the Rockies and extending north to Alaska. It is a hardy tree, reaching Christmas Tree size in 7 to 10 years depending on weather and soil conditions. The various species of Douglas Fir will grow from 70 to 250 feet tall.

We grow a strain from the Rocky Mountains, preferring it because of its ability to withstand the harsher growing conditions including cold and dry periods seldom found in the Pacific Northwest.

The needles of this tree are soft and fragrant, 1 to 1-1/2 inches long and dark green in color on the top or surface side and lighter green, almost silver or the bottom or underside. Quite even in distribution, they radiate out in all directions from the branch.

The Douglas Fir has been the major Christmas tree species used in the Pacific Northwest since the 1920’s. During the following 40 years, nearly all trees were harvested from forestlands. Since the 1950’s, the transformation from growing trees in the wild to culturing them on plantations has been drastic. Today few trees come from forestlands. Plantation trees in general, and ours specifically, are sheared annually after the third year and topped at least twice each year to insure proper shape, both to please our own eye and to comply with USDA Standards of quality.

Many of our "choose and cut" customers come seeking other species. Upon seeing our plantations, they invariably decide to look about and always find that "perfect Christmas Tree" they are seeking, even when it is not the species they set out to find.

Come and try us. You’ll like us!


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